Tammy Turner is a powerful motivational speaker who enhances her audience with her inspirational singing voice! She combines a powerful voice like Tina Turner and a passion for motivation like Tony Robbins! Tammy offers a unique experience to your audience. As a keynote speaker, her engaging, unique, passionate talks would be perfect as a feature for your next event.

Tammy has been a corporate trainer for several companies seeking to increase sales within their organizations.

“Unbelievable! …We can now deliver our message in a way that is IMPACTFUL to our audience! – Brian House, CEO/Founder of Million Dollar Financial Services Company”

An entrepreneur at the age of 19, Tammy has a natural ability to coach others from exactly where they are and expand their minds beyond what they could even imagine. She has entertained audiences nationally and internationally and excelled in areas of business and leadership for more than 15 years. Tammy has developed interactive training systems that work! Her audiences experience fresh, new motivation every time she hits the stage!

As a singer/actress and writer of her own one-woman stage show, Tammy’s amazing entertainment ability has led her to be seen by millions of people on television, in major motion pictures, and on stages all over the world.

From students to CEOs, Tammy’s message has made a difference in the lives of thousands, and her impact continues to grow each year as she shares her philosophy and wisdom through speaking as well as singing and writing.