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So…You’re speaking on live or virtual stages sharing ALL your GOOD information and STILL not closing the clients you need to close or want to close.

As a speaker coach I see this all the time!

Why? More often than not, it’s due to the story, you as the speaker, are telling YOURSELF which inadvertently affects the messages you relay to your audience. Register to discover how to shift that!

What if I told you that there is a way get people to take ACTION?

What if I shared with you a way to CAPTIVATE an audience and close more sales being your authentic self?

I went from teenage mom to the youngest corporate trainer, creating millions of dollars for my companies. As a National and International Performer, I brought the techniques I learned from being on hundreds of stages to my business and I’ve used one main strategy to grow teams of almost 1000 people to being on hundreds of stages from FOX, BET to The APOLLO Theater. I now use this PROVEN system with my clients who range from six and seven-figure business owners to executive level CEOs.

By the end of this Irresistible 7-figure speaker training, you’ll know the formula to creating your signature brand story. Only the richest and most effective speakers in the world know these secrets! Here are 3 reasons you want to master these strategies…

1. Communicating your uniqueness is key to delivering a powerful message that connects you with your ideal audience. The fact is… you ARE a specialist and one off the best in the world at what you do without a doubt which means YOU ARE the expert they should work with. The 5 specific tools in our system are what you need to support you in learning your unique speaker style quickly and efficiently.

2. Although 50% of what you provide is contained in the skills, intellect, and experience you possess, the other part is found in the way you can connect powerfully with your clients through the unique gifts YOU possess and the art of influence you can develop.

3. Presence, confidence and the virtual sensory experience you create for your audience…a/k/a/ the virtual story experience, are just the first of a few steps you need to crush it with an irresistible presentation!

This is a collaborative opportunity for us to work with your hidden talent and discover the greatest level of influence you envision yourself to be. My goal is to bring out your absolute best, but only if you’re ready to explore and BE the best YOU the world has yet to experience!

I look forward to making sure every talk, every virtual presentation is balanced to get you maximum results.

Tammy Turner

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